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“Savagebure” and then “Sagebury” was the name given to the manor of Astwood Savage/Meynill by the Savage family who owned it in the 13th century. This name is first documented in a lay subsidy roll dated c1280 and is mentioned again in 1350 when Hugh Meynill received a grant of free warren.

The first evidence we have for a property on this site is when John Dethicke inherited the lands from his mother Margaret Meynill in 1460. Whether there had been a dwelling on this site prior to this date is not known. The land was certainly being ploughed during the mediaeval period, as it is still possible to see (from the air) traces of tell-tale ridge and furrow cultivation in the easternmost fields belonging to the farm.

Sagebury Estate Map

This estate map of Sagebury identifies furrows within the fields.

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