Friday, August 12, 2022

Astwood Manor Farm

An exact date for the building of this beautiful timber-framed farmhouse is not known but the oldest parts are very likely to have been built by John Wylde in about the 1560s or 1570s, with later generations adding to it over the years. A possible moat to the south-west of the main building suggests that there may have been a previous building on the site. Alternatively this feature may be a ha-ha (sunken boundary ditch) of a later date suggesting that in the 18th century the house could have looked out onto a parkland landscape (D Hurst pers comm).

There is a good description of the rooms at Astwood (Manor) Farm in 1683 from an inventory taken of the ‘goods and chattells of John Wylde of Astwood, gent’. The dwelling house comprised: a hall with 1 clock and 3 carpets; a pantry; a cellar; a brewing house; a day house (dairy); a wash house; a kitchen, containing, amongst other things, 5 flichens of bacon, 2 pistols and 1 gun; a parlour chamber; pantry chamber; hall chamber; matted chamber; kitchen chamber; chamber over the buttery, containing 1 silver tankard, 1 silver plate, 1 silver cup, 1 silver dish and 12 silver spoons; chamber over the day house; servant maids’ chamber; cheese chamber; servant man’s chamber; and a brew house. At the time the inventory was taken there were £283 in money in the house and the whole inventory was valued at £774 13s 0d.

Photographs of Astwood Manor Farm taken from the 1920 sale catalogue for the Corbett Estate.

Astwood Manor Farm 1920
Astwood Manor Farm from the farmyard entrance 1920
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