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Chateau Impney

Chateau Impney

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Built for John Corbett in 1873-5, in Louis XIII style, it was designed by architect Auguste Tronquois of Paris, with the contribution of the London based executive architect Richard Phéne Speirs.

The building once a family home for John Corbett and his wife Anna Eliza O’Meara is now a hotel set in parklands.

It is built of Fareham brick with Bath stone dressings, and is distinctive with its very steep pavilion roofs and slightly tapering turrets.

Plans for the Chateau Impney

Chateau Impney - ground floor plan 1875

This is one of seventeen Impney plans made for John Corbett.
The “used” plans were annotated with “Mr Wood’s copy” who was the Clerk of the Works.

The plans were so exceptional that they were exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1877.
The plans are reproduced with permission of the Chateau Impney Hotel.

Chateau Impney - outside plan

Historical Postcards

Visitors to the Chateau Impney Hotel were able to purchase a booklet of six postcards to send to their friends, or keep as a memento of their visit. Local photographers, Julian and Beatrice Hopkinson were employed to take the photographs. The postcards below are reproduced with permission of the Chateau Impney Hotel.

Chateau Impney Postcard book cover
Chateau Impney postcard 1 - the outside
Chateau Impney postcard 3 - outside
Chateau Impney postcard 4 - dining room
Chateau Impney postcard 6 - the ballroom

and on the reverse of the postcard:

The Chateau Impney was built by John Corbett, M.P. in 1875 at a cost of £247,000, and was transformed into a luxurious hotel in 1930. The Hotel today continues to offer amenities unsurpassed in the Midlands.

Greetings from the Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa.

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