Saturday, October 23, 2021

Georgian 1714 - 1837

Farming became more efficient through soil improvement and better animal husbandry.

Many of the farm houses were rebuilt in brick during this period.

We have more detailed maps and deeds from this period.

Roads were improved and two canals built.

The first large salt production works were built in Vines Park in the early nineteenth century.

The first population census was taken in 1801.

Hobden Hall

Hobden Hall a watercolour of this Georgian house, painted in 1877 by A Adham the wife of the rector of St Michael and All Saints Church, Stoke Prior. – reproduced with permission of the Rev. R Antell and the PCC members of the United Parish of Stoke Prior, Wychbold and Upton Warren.

Early Georgian Country Squire © Jenny Townshend

This sketch indicates how a Country Squire might have dressed in the early Georgian period.

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