Saturday, October 23, 2021

Twentieth Century Onwards

Huge changes have taken place during living memory.

Transport systems have developed, especially the M5 Motorway, which has divided the parish in two and brought a development of restaurants, hotels, motels and heavy goods service areas along the A38.

Good local and regional transport links have led to housing development which accommodates many who now live in the village of Wychbold, but work elsewhere.

The huge transmitter masts are still a visible reminder of a time before the digital age when radio signals were broadcast across Britain and into Europe.

The horticulturalists Webbs of Wychbold have now grown to become a renowned garden centre.

The local beat bobby came and went as did local schools. The story of “Wychbold before the Motorway” is told by Robin Skerratt, the son of the local policeman, who records his life as a schoolboy and those of his friends as children.

Yet despite these changes the parish retains much of its agricultural heritage, with farms and agricultural land stretching to the horizon.

Roll of Honour, St Mary de Wyche Church, Wychbold

Men listed on Droitwich War Memorial 1914-1918

BBC Transmitter

Development of Webbs Garden Centre

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