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Photographic Records

Photographs can be an invaluable source of information.

In the early days photography was expensive and only a few photographs were taken.

Family photographs, especially those detailing the names of people together with the place and date taken, can be invaluable to those researching family history.

Photographs of buildings and street scenes record features which seem to disappear all too readily.

The cost of photography has decreased considerably, and this, linked with the ease of digital photography, means that huge numbers of photographs may be readily taken, but not always kept in a form which may available in the future.

This web site contains a number of photographs, some of which were taken at the beginning of the 20th century and others more recently.

We are sure you will find that the images make the text “come alive”.

Rashwood School 1905, original photgraph from Nellie Copson

Rashwood School in 1905. Original photograph from Nellie Copson.


Downloadable PDF Turn of 21st Century Photographic Survey
Turn of the 21st Century Photographic Record

The Crown, 1910

The Crown, 1910

A38 Rose Villa & The Nest, 1920

A38 Rose Villa & The Nest, 1920

A38 1950,

A38, 1950 “Before the Motorway”

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