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Studying Maps

Modern maps are easily available, and can give much information about the present day parishes. The Ordnance Survey (OS) first published maps in the 19th century with the earliest for this area dated 1831. Recently a series called “Past and Present” has been published showing the same area at four different dates, all to the same scale. Before the OS, the definitive source of information came from the Tithe Maps, produced around 1840, and designed to show how much each landowner had paid to the church in the form of tithes. These maps are usually of large size showing and naming every field in the parish, together with an “award” giving its use and acreage, and the names of both landowner and tenant. They are thus a very valuable source of information, accessible at the County Record Office, and also online.

Studying the Dodderhill tithe map

Members of the group study the original tithe map of Dodderhill.

Some estate maps are available for large land holdings: these are mostly post 1700, and may be real works of art. Early maps of the whole country have been published, but these are necessarily small scale and do not show much detail.


Some other maps used by the Dodderhill Research Group
Worcestershire Tithe Maps

Sagebury Estate Map 1888

Sagebury Estate Map 1888

Reproduced with permission of Worcester Record Office

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