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AGM 2013 & Co-ordinator & Treasurer's Report

09 November 2013

The meeting held in Wychbold Village Hall was amazing.
Those present were the first to know of the next Heritage lottery funded project which the group are embarking on. Details of how to get involved were also given.

Officers and committee members were elected unopposed.

Jenny Townshend and Pat Tansell gave a superb presentation about the Nailers of Bromsgrove. There was so much information, and too little time … and as a result we have invited them back for the second instalment next March!


COMMITTEE MEMBERS for the year 2012-2013
Chairperson Lyn Blewitt
Treasurer Chris Bowers
Minutes Secretary Cas Morris
Membership Secretary Cas Morris
Project Co-ordinator Chris Bowers
Keeper of Archives Chris Bowers
Committee members Kate Allan Cheryl Stewart Helen Peberdy Jenny Townshend


Two public meetings were held during the accounting year (14th July 12 and 10th November 2012) as the spring meetings (24th March 2012 and 20th April 2013) had fallen in previous or subsequent years. My special thanks to John Brown and friends for the talk “A Detector’s Tale – found in a field near Wychbold”; and, our Chairperson, Lyn Blewitt for the talk “The Dodderhill Salt Industry”, which introduced the background to our proposed new Heritage Lottery Research Project.

Once again our finances have been sub-divided:
General Funds which accounts for the main business of running the group, and secondly, Research Project which identifies funding associated with our previous HL project and interim costs.

General funds: Income for two public meetings and member subscriptions amounts to £54, whilst the associated costs of meetings (rooms hire, refreshments, publicity) amounts to £71.25. There is an additional insurance cost of £65 which cannot be funded within a current HL project as none exists. The miscellaneous item is a gift to our independent examiner.

Research Project: A carry forward figure of £3437.37 together with £437 sales of our book “Dodderhill Through the Ages” is in a Restricted fund for the purposes of maintaining our website for an estimated minimum period of 10 years from August 2012. £312 of this has been used to maintain the website. A further £50 was received from the Worcestershire Local History Forum as the Group Winner’s Prize for “Promoting the History of Worcestershire 2012”. £35 was used to fund the purchase of a camera licence at the Hive to enable the group to have access to documents for transcribing for the proposed new HL project. £3574 remains in this restricted fund to maintain the website for an anticipated further 8 years.

The research group have continued to prepare for a new Heritage Lottery application, the progress of which was hampered by small delays which were critically impacted when the application form and criteria were revised by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The application was finally submitted in July 2013, and further details will be shared when known.

The current admission fee to meetings is £1 per person and membership £1 per annum.
We may like to consider raising the costs of admissions to meetings to £2.00 per person.

Chris Bowers July 2013.

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