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AGM Report 2012

27 April 2012

Chairperson Lyn Blewitt
Treasurer Chris Bowers
Minute Secretary Cas Morris
Membership Secretary Cas Morris
Project Co-ordinator Chris Bowers
Keeper of Archives Chris Bowers
Committee members Kate Allan
Helen Peberdy
Cheryl Stewart
Helen Peberdy

*Notes to the accounts
Income for the first section – main Dodderhill Parish Survey Project Funds. Once again we are indebted to our Saturday morning speakers for the time they have given to making those meetings so interesting, especially Bob Pritchard and Peggy Poultney who spoke about Rashwood School in January 2012, and members of the research project who led the launch of our second historical walk in June 2011. Also to St Mary de Wyche church who greeted us at the end of the guided walk, and other members of the research team who spoke about the Dodderhill project at our AGM in November.*

The second section (Heritage Lottery and Research Project) includes the remainder of the HL grant (£12,518.39) which has now been completely spent, and money generated by the sale of the book (£2,309).


On 31st August 2012, the Heritage Lottery Project “Sharing Wychbold’s Past” was successfully concluded and on 1st September our book “Dodderhill Through the Ages” was launched at St Augustine’s Church.
These accounts show the final HL grant payment of £4,920 was received, and all money received spent on the HL project.
The observant will notice that I have sub-divided the accounts into the two sections.
At the end of March 2012 there was a carry forward figure £4,111.66.
Last year it was agreed in principal that of the balance in the general account of £2687.84, £2050 would be restricted to maintaining and developing the history research project. I recommend that this is now increased to £3437 and that the remaining £674 is carried forward to the main account. It has been estimated that hosting the website for ten years would cost more than £4,500 (£312 has been spent in the first year alone). A restricted fund of £3437 together with the income from future book sales should hopefully prevent the website from being forced to close prematurely. The research team are also investigating updating the website to ensure its future viability.
£3,600 from the Current Account was transferred in April 2012 into the Deposit Account which will generate some interest. A £24 cheque raised in 2010-2011 has been cancelled and credited to our account. The debtors owed for books ordered at year end, but for which money has since been received.
By December 2011 the research group were already thinking about their next project, and hopefully by the AGM in November 2012 project proposals and grant applications will be an agenda item.
Once again there are so many people to thank: the property owners and landowners who gave access to their property; the transcribing group; St Augustine’s and St Mary de Wyche Churches; Wychbold First School and Wychbold Village Hall; our speakers; the professional archaeologists and historians who guided us so admirably; the staff at Orphan Press who printed such a superb book; all the people of Worcestershire and especially Dodderhill who have given us such support; and of course the research team who have put Wychbold and Dodderhill “on the map”.
I recommend that subscription fees and meeting admission charges remain unchanged at £1 each.

Chris Bowers

April 2012.

© 2012 Chris Bowers

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