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Records such as Parish Registers, Wills, Inventories and Censuses show that some families have lived in Dodderhill for generations, often occupying the same properties and marrying into other local families.

Some families were landowners, whilst others leased land from the major landowners of the time such as the Pakington, Coventry and Talbot families.

More recently the industrialist John Corbett, the “Salt King”, moved into the area and became a great philanthropist building schools, hospitals and churches.

During our research we have collected lists of people whose names have been recorded over time; some well known and well documented, and others less well known.

Organisations and groups to support your own research

Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry
The National Archives at Kew, London.


Please note the Dodderhill Parish Survey Project do not undertake research on behalf of third parties.

Local Family Crests

Amphlett Crest
Cassey Crest

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