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Below you will find out how we researched the history of Dodderhill, and how you may discover more for yourself.

As a starting point and for more detailed information we list some books we have referred to.

A great deal of information has been extracted from records – wills, inventories, deeds, parish records and land records. Some of this material is available at Worcester Record Office, while others are at the National Archives or in private collections. Details of how to access the public records are given below.

We have also made use of a number of web sites, and have contributed and lodged/deposited information about Dodderhill on others.

As a group we have produced downloadable material. This includes details of our historical footpath walks, and other previously published material (revised, edited and abridged).

There are also a number of museums which we have found to be a valuable resource.

It would be impossible to list details of all the documents we have used in our research, but by carefully recording and developing a database of families, properties and fields we have, we believe, used these known sources to give as accurate a history of the parish of Dodderhill as is possible. However, some documents may remain as yet undiscovered – perhaps lying in private collections or storage. If you are able to add to our knowledge and research please contact us.

Finally Copyright: If you would like to use any of the material published on this website please ensure that you acknowledge the source, either Dodderhill Parish Survey Project or the individuals as appropriate.

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Historical Walk No 1 – pdf file

Footpaths to walk

Historical Walk No 1, can now be downloaded. It is a circular self-guided walk around the western part of the parish of Dodderhill of 8.3 kilometers (5 1/2 miles).

Members of the Research Group will be taking this walk on Sunday 13th September.

You are welcome to join them. Check out the details nearer the time on News and Events section.

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